Core Classes


Not surprisingly, the barbarian in The Chaos Eclipse is the most common class, as civilization has been broken for a thousand years. Most barbarians use bronze or bone weapons, as iron and steel are rare.


This dark age is a golden age for the bards, as they are able storytellers and have passed on the oral legends of Alutirian civilization as well as sing about current events.


Most people invoke a variety of deities; very few actually get them to work miracles. These are the clerics, who are usually the most powerful people in society. Most clerics focus on one god solely, but a few worship the Alutirian pantheon.


Like the clerics, druids work with wonders. Unlike clerics, druids shun civilization and delve into nature. Because of this, they are most often misunderstood by civilization as being evil, even bestial.


Fighters in The Chaos Eclipse are rare and legendary, at least compared with barbarians. This class is the most likely to have iron or steel weapons, and can use them effectively at the head of battle.


Often mistaken for clergy, monks withdraw from society to focus on disciplining their bodies and master the art of war. Monks are rare in the game, and all the more dangerous.


Also mistaken for clergy or fighters, the very rare paladins bring their fighting skills in their fight against evil. These brave souls maintain the lost glory of Alutiria and its civil order. Some claim that paladins are the old archons restored.


Filling a rĂ´le between fighters and druids, rangers are respected for their ability to live on the edge of the wild. As rare as fighters, rangers are useful for civilization in that they keep the beasts at bay.


Because of the lack of order in the world, the sighting of rogues is common, especially wherever people gather in larger numbers. Often accused of being the detritus of the game, rogues thrive in the shadows.


More common than the literate wizards, sorcerers are found in most any society and fill a social role similar to that of the clerics.


As the rarest class in Alutiria, the wizards are the most powerful, because they are the sole maintainers of ancient writing, making them useful to clerics, among others. Wizards are also usually the weakest physically due to their studies. Wizards would be the acme of society, were it not for their detachment, preferring to be alone with their scrolls and books.

Core Classes

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