The Chaos Eclipse

The Quickwood sure seems quick...


With Jashanien’s player out of commission, your GM and 1368 played a one-on-one game. We started in Ketwich, a village south of the Silver River. Deiyostis, a cleric devoted to the god Perqunos, went to the Ketwich market to pray for rain, as the Quickwood region was in a months-long drought. There he met a very big barbarian named Perqunos who was looking for an adventure in lands northward. Not knowing whether to run or fall on his knees, Deiyostis agreed to be his companion, perhaps in pious terror, perhaps in admiration.

After Deiyostis and Perqunos left Ketwich, and as they reached the edge of the Quickwood, they encountered a pack of rabid dogs. The barbarian charged immediately, with his greataxe. Deiyostis prayed to Perqunos the god for help as Perqunos the barbarian swung the greataxe seemingly everywhere, but missing the rabid dogs. The dogs bit the barbarian’s leg and triceps, possibly infecting him with rabies. Deiyostis had to heal Perqunos twice in the battle (due to the GM’s low low rolls.) After the dogs were dispatched, the two continued on the road to Percþorp, where they saw the burnt bridge and the farmstead.

The owner of the farm invited the two into the farmhouse, where they had a festive lunch. The farmer asked Deiyostis and Perqunos for help with cleaning the farm; Deiyostis agreed to clear the brush at the edge of the clearing, while Perqunos was left cleaning the stables. After a couple of hours of hard work, Deiyostis noticed that something was moving in the forest. Terrified, he ran back to the farmstead and called out for Perqunos in the stables to help him, as he put on his armor.

The two ran back to the place where the movement was seen, and readied for battle: the very filthy Perqunos armed with a battle axe and a longsword, with the cleric just behind. Suddenly, a rock the size of a watermelon came crashing down on Deiyostis, enraging the barbarian, who charged into the wood yelling…and soon after was silent. Concerned, Deiyostis called for his companion, ran into the forest… and encountered a treant!


SapientSap SapientSap

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