The Chaos Eclipse


Campaign Notes

Campaign Notes

Lycanthropy lunar cycles: Forthcoming.

Druids are loose knit and freewheeling, small groups coming together and breaking apart. Resisting human expansion of Quickwood using minor acts of sabotage/eco terrorism, with the goal of making such expansion too unprofitable WITHOUT being so destructive that they bring down an army on them. (This is a fine line.) Centers around new road Master Filan is financing/directing (he has chokehold on northern expansion, may be working with/for groups in the Western Plains).

Major trade bridge across silver river, between villages of Brawich and Ketwich, has been burned down. This is big enough to cause trouble for Druids, because villagers have blamed them. Jaçanien doesn’t know who did it, but is glad it happened. However, he understands that having the Druids blamed would be seriously problematic, so he is eager to find whoever was actually responsible. He wonders if it might not have actually been someone in the Druids.

The disparate Druid groups of the Quickwood have gather together in conclave to determine a course of action. This is where our story starts.


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